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who we are

Aquantix helps banks and investors track companies, governments, and real estate across the globe to identify their risks and vulnerabilities.


the risks we track

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Climate Change

We cover all physical, transition and supply chain risks

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Human Rights

We can help you identify and score your social risks. 


We know where and why leaks  happen, and we can identify weak spots.


Carbon Emissions

We cover all the way down to scope 3 carbon emissions.

Energy Efficiency Consultation

Sustainable Energy

The energy transition is a risk, but also an opportunity, depending on how it's managed.


Our coverage

> 10 000

companies and governments monitored

> 20M

facilities tracked across sovereigns and companies of all sectors  

Looking at the Sun

tell us about your assets, we'll analyze & MONITOR them for you

We'll identify and quantify the risks and vulnerabilities your assets are exposed to.

We need very little information to get started: in no time we'll have your portfolio covered.


Real estate

We're proud to say we can analyze large real estate portfolios in minutes.

We'll also cover your other real assets, such as infrastructure and agriculture.

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private companies & projects

It doesn't take us much to get started on private equity portfolios, and we'll get the analysis done in no time.

We also cover specific projects, whether its a new operation, or an already existing one.

public corporations

With as little as the names of the public companies in your portfolio, we'll start tracking them for you. We'll also include the different securities they've issued.

Government Building

government & public assets

Governments are huge asset owners, and they're also exposed to a lot of risks. We look at both sovereign assets directly and at the exposure of their tax payers. We also covered related securities.

the decision makers we empower


Banks & Lenders

Integrating climate and ESG risks into credit is no easy task, but the benefit is highly improved credit models, including risk and opportunity identification.


Institutional Investors

Alpha can be generated by precisely quantifying materiel ESG risks in terms of dollar excepted losses and returns. We can help you there.

We also help review fund risks and produce content for fund marketing and disclosure.


Corporates & Issuers

ESG and climate risks can be unified and comparable across an institutions. The key is quantifying materiality of these risks in dollars. We know how.


Our work is based on recognized international standards


we capture data like no one else

> 10 M


We capture millions of data points per day across the globe. Our sources go from satellites, to IoT sensors, to news, social media & the dark web. This data continuously feeds and improves our AI models to enable us to generate actionable data for decision makers.

working at AQUANTIX


Like a football team, we're constantly pushing ourselves to do better.”

toby, Co-CEO