Who we are

Blackswan is made up exclusively of employees of Aquantix Financial Corp.

Founded in 2017, Aquantix is a fast growing tech company based in Montreal, Canada.

Finance 2.0

We believe the future of finance lies not only in market and accounting metrics, but also in measuring material risks at the asset level.


Build technology that makes it a no-brainer for banks, investors and companies to integrate environmental and social issues into their decision making.


Earth and Space

Our expertise

​Our Team consists of Computer Scientists, GIS Professionals, Statisticians, Mathematicians and Engineers. 

AI & big data

AI and big data are our core expertise, and the first techniques we use to solve a problem.

mathematics & physical sciences

From climate change, all the way to population dynamics, we have the expertise to understanding and forecast physical phenomena following mathematical patterns.


We always rely on first principle thinking and the core engineering approach to solve the toughest problems.

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contact us

1250 Rue Guy Suite #600, Montreal, QC H3H 2L3