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We share 50% of the sales to thank Influencers for their help spreading climate awareness to the world.

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Climate Awareness

Climate change is devastating to asset owners.

Houses, cottages, projects and investments can be impacted by natural disasters,
causing large damage, shutdown days and massive increases in insurances costs.

Those risks can now be predicted in a report, using satellite data and Artificial Intelligence.

How it works ?

Be creative and share your Influencer's link.

Social medias, videos, blogs, sky's the limit!

Every week on Friday, you will receive 50% of the revenues from people buying with your link.

If someone buy a report from your shared link, that's 4,98$ back to you!

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Using cookies allow us to assign any sales made from a client that used your link once, to you.

In other words, if someone used your link once, every future purchase he does (even without the link) will trigger revenues of 50% back to you .

Also, the price from your link will always be the cheapest.

We will never offer better deal anywhere else, to make sure you influence using the best deal available.

We currently support 3 ways to share revenues with you weekly to your email address:

- eCheque

- Interact Transfer

- Paypall

Start today, by sharing your link in creative ways!

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