Report Data Instructions


Thank you for purchasing a report from AQX, the Industry Leader in Climate Risk Analysis!

This page will explain our simple data transfer pipeline to allow for a simple, and secure process to safely transfer data between you, and us.

There are two major steps: Data Upload, and Data Download

Both of these steps are done by connecting to our Database server.

Connecting to the AQX Database Server

To ​store all of your data, we have setup a database server for you to connect to. In this server, we have setup a private storage location for your data, which can only be accessed by you and our operators. This can be accessed by using the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

If you don't already have one, we recommend using this FileZilla, a free FTP/SFTP Client:

Once you have set up your client, you can connect to the Database Server using the following credentials:

Hostname: s

Port: 22

Username: <Your username>

Password: <Your password>


Uploading/Downloading your Data

To submit your data for us, you need to put it in a specific location. At first, your space will most likely be empty. This space will be where you are supposed to upload your data for your report. It will also be where our operators put your report once it is complete.

You will need to write your data to the upload folder within your space:


The report will instead be put inside the main folder, separated from your uploaded data.