Aquantix AI was founded in 2017 and focused initially on leveraging AI and big data to forecast water risks globally.


Developing the technology to model water was a stepping stone to cover climate change, environmental, human risks, and many more. 

"If you can model water, you can model anything"

01 / AQUANTIX             DATABASE

At Aquantix we’ve digitalized our global water supply and built the world’s largest water database. We calculate real-time water costs for millions of locations globally. From this, we generate the impact of water supply costs on financial markets in real-time. This includes water’s impact on agriculture as well as on the 40% of industries that are heavily dependent on water. And water is only the beginning of a new area to corporate risk management.

02 / AQUANTIX                 EXPERTISE

We deliver real-time and historical data, forecasts, analytical insight, tools, and software solutions leveraging a combination of unique data collection techniques, data science, and a team of cutting edge data engineers with a focus on water, climate change and other corporate and material risks.

03 / AQUANTIX                 TECHNOLOGY

Aquantix is pushing the limits of geospatial big data analytics. We are connecting financial performance to supply chain risks on a global scale in a way never done before. We are transforming financial analysis from a passive approach based on waiting for news to a fundamental, predictive and connected operational risk analysis approach.

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