We innovate so you can integrate climate risk into your decision making

Award-Winning Solution

Leverage Climate Data


Quantify risks on your assets

  • Add your own assets anywhere across the globe. AQX will point out red flags so you can take action now.

  • Monitor your asset's risks.

  • Implement precise climate PD LGD.

Make smarter decisions

  • Build portfolios that will generate higher risk adjusted returns.

  • Map out potential investments and acquisitions to see their risk and make optimal decisions.

Regulate & report climate risks

  • Take action to prepare for emerging climate risks.

  • Generate reports on climate risks across asset classes.

  • Use them to regulate & report on climate risks as recommended by experts.

Plan projects that minimize risk

  • Plan projects intelligently so you don't end up with unexpected issues.

  • Assess projects to calculate resilience in the face of climate change.

Evaluate multiple types of assets

Real estate & infrastructure

Assess projects

Physical operations

Suppliers & supply chain assets