Our Mission

Our mission is to lift the veil on assets, from commercial and residential properties to supply chains, to quantify their risks and opportunities in the face of climate change.

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Our Story

Aquantix began with the idea of using technology to solve the world's biggest problems.

We determined that the optimal path to having the greatest impact was by helping asset managers quantify risks & opportunities to better allocate capital.

Asset managers have enormous influence by allocating trillions of dollars to the highest growth, most resilient and responsible projects across the globe.

Helping them do this in a truly more sustainable way is critical for the future of our planet.

We began by developing quantification and forecasting tools for individual environmental risks such as water scarcity: understanding the exact likelihood of severe water scarcity, where it would become an issue, what could be done about it, and how much it would cost.


We then evolved our technology to work for all major environmental and climate risks. At first specifically for asset managers, then for regulators, lenders and asset owners. 

Aquantix is a tech startup founded in 2017, in Montreal, Canada 

We operate like an elite sports team of engineering and technology innovation. We're  agile and precise, and even as more people join our team, we'll always keep our startup - it's always day one - mentality. 

We're always looking for great people to join our team. We're background agnostic: degree or not, if you think you deserve a place on our team, and you know data + software, let's talk.

We believe that precision, efficiency and optimization is essential to the future, because we believe innovative technology can transform the word into a better place.

Our greatest innovation to date surrounds climate risk quantification and forecasting. Climate change is the world's number one emerging risk, and we help prepare the world for it.

Our Culture